What do teachers say about our resources?






"The Understudy IB DP products not only help solidify my understanding of each assessment's individual criteria - they have helped me explain and visually clarify the criteria to my students.  Using this material was a game-changer for me this year.  Our scores were across the board higher than they have ever been in the history of our program."

Gretchen, USA

Gary, HK

I purchased your resource for the Solo Performance and it is sensational!! MY students are LOVING it!

Katherine, Milan

I am a fellow drama teacher and your number one fan. I have purchased ALL of your resources on The Understudy and I am so grateful. Thank you so much. In particular the IB resources have really helped me, personally, understand aspects of the spec that are unhelpfully vague or not explicitly stated by the IB.

Dawn, Brunei

Made my purchase yesterday and now going in to school on the first day of the holidays to use them!!! That’s how excited I am! Thank you so much. Was so nervous about this aspect of the course. You have truly saved me and taken the fear out of the situation. Very grateful! Cant wait for the next batch! X

Jason, Malaysia

The Understudy resources are gift and a godsend. Easily editable and adaptable. 

Miranda, Tanzania

5 students in my IGCSE class. All predicted Cs and Bs. Results: 2 A* and 3 A's. I have always managed to get A's for coursework but written paper has always been a major struggle. I 100% attribute this success to the Understudy resources. Thank you Jane Fisher and team.

Jason, Luxembourg

IGCSE Drama results through today and they were superb- and I just wanted to say that I think the resources on Mary Shelley made a significant difference this year and helped the students in the exam immensely- clear, concise and accessible. 


Omg. Omg. Omg. This is amazing. Can’t wait to give you more money.


These resources are incredible. The tasks are so well thought out and accessible. My students have loved doing the practical work. Great design, brilliant research, and an amazing timesaver. Worth every penny.