We have so often been asked for resources about journalling. 

This is a set of 16 exercises for helping students to learn to reflect, both when looking backwards and when looking ahead. You can copy any of the slides and slot them into your slides for teaching or just keep them as a set and open whenever you need them. You could even give older students the whole set and let them choose their reflective exercises. We have found, selected, and invented a wide range of exercises for all kinds of reflection and creative thinking. As always, beautifully designed and fully editable by you. 

Are your students ready to change the world with the right words in the right order?

This unit uses Amanda Gorman's inspirational poem as a starting point for a devising unit. It's a great way to teach devising in a low risk environment as the teacher stays on hand as overall director. There is an online adaption of the unit in the package for those of us who can't be in studios just yet.  

The unit is not tied to any curriculum and can be easily adapted to a range of curricula. It is most suitable for students 12-16 years old.