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DEVISED: Deconstructing and Evaluating
  • DEVISED: Deconstructing and Evaluating


    This stunning set of slides is a helpful set of activities, games and discussion prompts to help your students desconstruct and evaluate their devised piece. It is designed to help them understand their process as a group so that when they come to the "Writing about Devised' slides, they actually have an understanding of what to say about their piece. The activities help them to understand their process; the development of their character; how they created mood and tension; how they structured their piece and how to effectively evaluate their piece. 

    The second set of slides (included) is a printable set of cards with a few different suggestions for games you could play with them to get students talking about their work in a way that develops their confidence to unpick difficult questions and to develop detail in their responses. 

    It's the missing link in our approach to Section C of the exam - and we know students need a lot of help here! 

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