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    This is all the slides and supporting  documents that we have made for IBDP Theatre. It is aimed at teachers new to IBDP Theatre this year, who are starting to teach this course in its final iteration. We feel for you. We know that this often feels like the hardest time to come into a course as next year you will be learning something new again. This pack will set you up for success now - and you will be sent a promo code for our new slides when we update the packs for the new course so you're in a win-win kind of situation. You will get:

    • Intro to IBDP Theatre Slides - a great overview  of 17 slides for your first lesson or for your website / vitual space;
    • IBDP Theatre  Planning Pack - a pack of over 20 documents helping you to plan your course the way we learnt to plan ours after many years of teaching it (and getting exceptional results) including slide guides and planning documents and lots of tips and ideas as to how to approach the first part of the course with mini projects to set your students up for success;
    • Assessment Guides x4 - these are our favourite and most well-loved slides. They are sets of 40 slides each for the CP, RP, STP and 60 slides for the DN that will take your students through every step of the final assessments, so they have all the information they need at their fingertips when they need it. We have collated everything from the Theatre Guide, The Subject Reports and our own experiences into outstanding guidance for students - and it's all beautifully designed to make teaching and learning a pleasure

    Everything is editable (except for some bits we do in Canva because of limitations in creativity in Google)  so you can change what you don't like and add your own slides with info specific to your class.