One slide deck of 17 beautifully designed slides to introduce students and parents to IBDP Theatre. You can customise all the slides to suit your particular school and context. 

    There are slides covering:

    Insipration for the power and diversity of the course

    Persuasion for parents & students who think Theatre is only for students wanting to go into the arts

    Overview of the course

    Overview of each fo the 4 projects


    Intro to ISTA
    Space to add trips, workshops, artists-in-residence, visiting theatre companies and other enrichment. 


    • File Format

      Files have been created in Google Slides but are downloaded as pptx files. If there are any formatting issues, it is best to upload files to Google Drive for the original formatting. If you don't have Google Drive, you can fix minor font issues easily. 

    • Editing

      You can edit and customise all slides. You can also add slides for your particular school and context.