What we offer here is one of many ways of planning the course. It’s a model that we worked on and experimented with (and always changed and adapted) over a few years. There are hundreds of ways to approach this course; this is just one of them. We decided to share it to help new(er) teachers to IBDP navigate their way to finding their own model in response to so many requests for help in the forums. The pack involves many documents, including slides and word docs to help you plan your course and take ideas from us where they suit you. There are beautifully designed slides to share with students, which you can edit to suit your own needs. It's not a series of lesson plans but rather a way of approaching the whole two years. 

    • File Format

      Files have been created in Google Drive so when downloaded as ppt they may have slight adjustments to the format.

      We will send you the link to the original Google Slides after you have made your purchase. We have to do this manually, so it won't be instant. If you don't get the link to the Google Drive link, please send us an email at understudyresources@gmail.com.