A set of 40 beautifully designed slides taking your students through the assessment process step-by-step. The slides combine information from the IB Theatre Guide; 3-4 years' worth of subject reports and guidance from an examiner; along with our experience of guiding multiple students to achieving the Level 7s we knew they were capable of if they could just have the right guidance at the right time. We used simpler versions of these to guide our class of 18 students through the assessment processes last year and 13 of them achieved Level 7s overall with the top student achieving 99%.  With these slides and the smallest amount of student motivation, your students can and will achieve the very top grades that can seem so unattainable on this challenging and exciting course. We do not spoon feed: these slides will help your students become more independent, confident learners and theatre-makers, who fully understand the assessment processes in order to tackle them with enthusiasm and be willing to take risks on more challenging work. 

    • File Format

      The slides have been created in Google Slides and are in their accurate format there. You will download them as pptx files and there will be a few issues with font size etc. It is best to upload them back into Google Drive to get the original format, but if not you can adjust the font sizes fairly easily. 

    • Editing and Customising

      The slides have been created using Google Slides and Canva for more creative design work. Many of the slides can be customised but there are some in a format you will not be able to edit easily. There are simple ways aroud this: you can delete slides you don't like or you can put black boxes over bits you don't like and write your own notes. You can, of course, add your own slides with deadlines and other information specific to your group.