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A set of 4-5 pages of typed notes on the play for students who haven't been the best at making their own notes through their study process. Background and contextual information, summaries of the plots of their extract with notes on staging and design, and some insights into the characters and action. Also some helpful tips on what to look out for and what to be prepared for. These notes are in word document form with no colour so can be easily edited and/or printed, highlighted and annotated. They will serve as a quick solution for revision for those students you're most worried about. 

They are editable so you can read through them as a teacher and change anything that is incongruous with what you've taught! You can also add your own notes and ideas for your specific class. Most people called these a 'life-saver' last year! They should not replace proper revision for your more able and industrious students but are so useful for those students who might do very little otherwise and are not capable of rereading the play themselves. Give them these notes and a highlighter, then get them to list ten things they learned or remembered. Or simply email them to your class while on study leave and hope the less enthusiastic students feel like they have a way in to studying. 

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