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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What exactly do you sell? 
    Most of our products are sets of digital slides for use in teaching IGCSE Drama and IBDP Theatre. They are created as Google Slides (although we do design some elements in Canva) and can be downloaded as Powerpoint Slides that teachers can edit. They are beautifully designed and ready to use in the classroom straight away. You can, however, edit them as you please, adding and deleting slides to suit your context and group. 

  • Can we purchase your products using a Purchase Order and Invoice process, paying via bank transfer? 
    Yes. You can email Jane at to set this up. It is usually smoothest if you copy in the person responsible for purchasing as well. (Some schools even make advanced orders when we are making new products for IGCSE Drama Pre-Release Material, as we make these while teachers are teaching the plays.)

  • What happens if I don't get my download link or it doesn't work?
    The download links will be sent to the email address associated with the account. If you paid with Paypal, it will be the account associated with your Paypal. If someone at school - in admin or purchasing - ordered for you, they will receive the links and can forward on to you. The email with the links will come from this address: <>
    Your school security system may block such emails. Check your spam. If you do not receive the links, contact Jane at We will always help you find a way to get the links. Sometimes that means sharing the Google Folders with you manually. 

  • What happens if I lose my files or I forget to download something within the 30 day limit?
    Contact Jane at understudyresources@gmailcom. We will always resend links or help you recover lost files

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