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What do teachers say?


Jane Fisher and the Understudy resources can take full credit for my amazing drama results for the second year in a row! The class had incredible results, even taking into account the more generous grade boundaries. Almost all of them got at least a grade higher than their target minimum grade - one even went from D to A! Our coursework has always been strong but the written historically has always brought us down, until we discovered the Understudy. So thank you Jane and team. If you don't use these resources, do, it is SO worth it!


IGCSE Drama Beginner's Bundle: 

This is a great package. I’ve been teaching the iGCSE spec for two years and I’ve recently purchased this. I’ve found it a great way to improve my long and medium term planning as well as give me some new ideas to try with my classes. So I highly recommend.


Wouldn't dream of attempting the Pre-release material without the support of the Understudy. The best value for money spent


If you are new to igcse this year, my main advice would be to buy the incredible resources from The Understudy, particularly for the written exam. I was new last year to Cambridge and was slightly overwhelmed by the written exam, especially as I picked up a class half way through and there was so much work to do to get them up speed with the coursework. I was sooo happy with my results this week - all A*s, As and 1 B. I will happily put my hands up and say that Jane's resources were a complete game changer for me. So thank you Jane, and I hope you all have another great teaching year ahead!


I feel like I have finally ‘got’ this exam because of Understudy. You guys really should be employed to write a course book! But also to help us with the extracts every year! And now we have clarity on the short and long answer parts hopefully you will be able to help us even more with targeting the extract resources to the exam questions- it has saved me hours of work ( and I would never have been able to come up with stuff like yours) - it’s amazing!


Thank you Jane, I love using your resources, especially the fact that I can use them in any way it helps my students best. We had a very successful first year and looking forward to this one x

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