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    This is for people wishing to make an advanced order (and receive an invoice to make a bank transfer) for The Understudy's teaching materials and exam packs for the IGCSE Drama Pre-release Material for June 2024 exams. The play extracts will be published on 1st September 2023. Please note this is an advanced order for Zones 5 and 6. If you are unsure of your zone, Google: "Cambridge Administrative Zones" or go to


    Please select MANUAL PAYMENT at check out and this will generate an invoice for you. 


    We will work on materials for publishing on these dates:

    Section A

    Free Intro Materials: 4 Sept 2023

    Teaching Pack 1 (Play 1 / Section A): 17 Sept

    Teaching Pack 2 (Play 1 / Section A): 01 Oct 2023

    Exam Pack (Play 1 / Section A): 15 Oct 2023

    Section B

    Teaching Pack 1 (Play 2 / Section B):  06 Nov 2023

    Teaching Pack 2 (Play 2 / Section B): 20 Nov 2023

    Exam Pack (Play 2 / Section B): 04 Dec 2023



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