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    This fantastic pack designed to prepare for the Cambridge International As / A-Level in Drama consists of an introduction plus four slide decks jam packed with useful advice, sample answers, past questions, planning and writing advice. 


    Intro to pack

    Intro and Style / Context / Genre (20 slides)

    Design Questions - preparing to write (50 slides)

    Directing Questions - preparing to write (35 slides)

    Performing Questions - preparing to write (30 slides)


    Some of these slides are packed with information and sample answers; some are just a past question for consideration. See example images above for samples of what kind of thing is included. 


    The pack has been designed so you could go through it in class, or you could simply pass it on to your students to work through in their study leave. 


    It offers them:

    Detailed discussion of style / context / genre and how to weave these ideas into a response

    Sample answers with planning - and exercises to break down the sample answers to learn about how to hit the criteria and communicate clearly

    Work on analysing questions to make sure they are understood before attempting them

    Work on writing effective introductions and why they are important

    All the past questions on this play organized into Directing, Design, Performing with advice on avoiding past mistakes (from exam reports) and meeting the marking criteria.


    As always, the slides are beautifully designed, but there is more focus on text here, so they’re a little more ‘grown up’ in terms of the amount of information on a slide and the way they are presented so that they are suitable for AS-level revision.

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