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    Two slide decks (one for the lucky ones alllowed in studios, and one adapted for online learning) using Amanda Gorman's beloved poem, 'The Hill We Climb,' as a starting point for devising. It explores themes of change and freedom and democracy.  The unit is not tied to any particular curriculum and would work well with a range of age groups - probably 12-16 year olds. It can easily be adapted to suit a particular curriculum. All slides are editable and there are a wide range of suggestions for practical work with the poem, followed by students doing some of their own writing and devising from that. There is a suggestion for a cumulative performance from the class in the right circumstances. There are about 30 slides in total. Get in there before the English department does (or collaborate with them). 

    • File Format

      Files have been created in Google Slides but are downloaded as pptx files. If there are any formatting issues, it is best to upload files to Google Drive for the original formatting. If you don't have Google Drive, you can fix minor font issues easily. 

    • Editing and Customising

      All slides can be customised by the teacher. 

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