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    This is the third and final pack in our Hanjo series for IGCSE Drama Pre-release 2023-4. This beautifully designed bumper pack has everything you need to train your students to ace the exam: notes to help deepen understanding; vocabulary quizzes; lots of practice questions; sample answers; marking rubrics; and two mock exams with mark schemes.
    The pack includes:

    • Class Practical Revision Activities

    • Visible Thinking Routines for Revision

    • Design Revision Slides 

    • Training to Write - 10 Mark Questions

    • Training to Write - 15 Mark Questions

    • A Mock Exam + Mark Scheme for SECTION B only

    • A full Mock Exam and Mark Scheme for SECTION A, B, C

    • Student workbook for all questions in this pack

    • A one page summary of all Section B Past Questions from new structure exam

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