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HOME (Devising Unit)
  • HOME (Devising Unit)



    This beautifully designed scheme of work teaches students skills of devising while working on exploring the concept of home: what home means to them; leaving home/changing homes; refugees and forced migration. The focus on moving around the world is particularly suited to international schools or schools with a diverse community and encourages a sense of global citizenship. Likely most suitable for upper KS3 / middle school or early I/GCSE, it uses a range of stimuli, including poetry, videos, soundscapes and the students’ own experiences. 


    This is a full scheme of work for 6-9 lessons*, with detailed (editable) guidance for the teacher, accompanied by over 50 beautifully designed slides (also editable if you want to adapt them for your context) and with music suggestions and soundscapes built into the slides where appropriate. Each lesson includes a register question; a short provocation for discussion; a warm-up activity; a main practical activity; and a reflective exercise. 


    *6 lessons + class devised piece or group assessed task for 2-3 lessons


    • 6 full lessons

    • Over 50 beautiful slides

    • Music links + soundscapes built in

    • End of unit project / assessment

    REVIEW (Christina Elizabeth):
    Year 10 are currently using this scheme as introduction to devising. The content is fabulous. Highly recommended!!

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