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    What we offer here is (not one but two) of many ways of planning the course. It’s an adapted (for the new course) model that we worked on and experimented with (and always changed) over a few years. There are hundreds of ways to approach this course; this is just one of them. We decided to share it to help new(er) teachers to IGCSE Drama navigate their way to finding their own model in response to so many requests for help in the forums. And to help you avoid all the pitfalls we came up against in our first attempt at this course. It's so hard to know where to start or how much time to give to each component. The pack includes many documents, including slides and word docs to help you plan your course and take ideas from us where they suit you. There are beautifully designed slides to share with students, which you can edit to suit your own needs. It's not a series of lesson plans but rather a way of approaching the whole two years. There are two models: one for students who have experience doing drama and one for students who are very new to drama. The differences in the first year and first term of second year are subtle but we felt it would really help both types of groups succeed to adjust the course slightly for them. 

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