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MAKING MAGIC - Drama by Film Genre
  • MAKING MAGIC - Drama by Film Genre



    This beautifully designed scheme of work was designed as preparation for a film project for Year 9. It engages students through a range of film genres, but they explore each genre through how live drama works in that genre. There is a lesson on each of the following:

    Horror (creating mood and atmosphere)

    Thriller (building tension)

    Drama (realism - basic Stanislavski intro)

    Action (stage combat)

    Comedy (slapstick)

    Documentary (verbatim theatre). 

    There is a suggested short film project at the end if possible in your context. 


    Most suitable for upper KS3 / middle school, this has proved to be enormous fun and very popular with the group who trialed it. Students in Year 9 were engaged in every lesson and enjoyed the fast-pace, varied focus, and connection to the world of film. 


    This is a full scheme of work for 6-9 lessons*, with detailed (editable) guidance for the teacher, accompanied by over 50 beautifully designed slides (also editable if you want to adapt them for your context) and with music suggestions and soundscapes built into the slides where appropriate. Each lesson includes a register question; a short provocation for discussion; a warm-up activity; a main practical activity; and a reflective exercise. 


    *6 lessons + final film project (which you can decide the scope of - suggested 4 lessons)


    6 full lessons

    Over 50 beautiful slides

    Music links + soundscapes built in

    End of unit project / assessment

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