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    This beautifully designed scheme of work was designed and tested with a class of creative Year 8s who absolutely loved it. Students who had loved the fun of our Clowning scheme were drawn into finding more serious sides to their work and had great success in exploring some complex ideas and themes. It engages students through a range of practical activities to explore various aspects of drama:

    The role of status in creating conflict - devised scenes

    Physical Theatre duets - bamboo cane exercise to depict conflict

    External conflict at war - scripted scene from Private Peaceful 

    External conflict at home - familial conflict devised scenes

    Internal conflict - monologues with 'conscious beings' to create more abstract work

    Physical Theatre inspired by Frantic Assembly - protest

    There is a suggested short project at the end, which invites students to create a short devised project demonstrating their learning across the unit. There is also a simpler option to just choose one exercise to demonstrate at the end. 

    This unit even has detailed report comments you can edit and use as needed.


    As always, our slides are unbeatably beautiful! Your class will be engaged by the joy that explodes out of every slide!


    This is a full scheme of work for 6 lessons plus a final project of two more lessons so will take you through an 8+ week term. There is detailed (editable) guidance for the teacher, accompanied by over 60 beautifully designed slides (also editable if you want to adapt them for your context) and with music suggestions and useful videos built into the slides where appropriate. Each lesson includes a register question; a short provocation for discussion; a warm-up activity; a main practical activity; and a reflective exercise. 

    6 full lessons

    Over 50 beautiful slides

    Music links + videos built in

    End of unit project / assessment 

    Editable report comments

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