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    These stunning packs with over 130 slides are designed specifically for students studying Cambridge AS / A-level Drama (9482). As this is the first year of these new texts, there were no past papers to work from so we have worked hard to adapt past questions to these texts, write sample answers that model good practise, and offer a wide range of detailed advice and guidance for revising Style, Context, Genre and then preparing for the different question styles: directing, designing, performing. 


    These are designed as follow-up packs to our teaching packs but students who have not used our teaching packs can also use these. The deep 'Style/Context/Genre' work we did in the teaching packs is summarised here in bite sized chunks. There are sample answers for each style of question and lots of advice to help students prepare their own answers for a wide range of questions. 


    Each pack has five sections:


    Intro and Style / Context / Genre - slides as revision guide

    Design Questions - slides as question preparation

    Directing Questions - slides as question preparation

    Performing Questions - slides as question preparation

    Potential Questions - question bank of lots of sample questions based on past questions on other plays (you might want to hold this back to use for mock exams and only give it out at final stages of revision)


    See images below for lots of sample slides to see the quality of work you are getting. 

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