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    This is an exam pack for Sotoba Komachi for teachers in Zone 1/2 for IGCSE Drama Pre-release 2023-4. This beautifully designed bumper pack has everything you need to train your students to ace the exam: vocabulary quizzes; lots of practice questions; sample answers; marking rubrics; and a mock exam with mark scheme. The pack includes:

    • Fun Practical Revision Slides 

    • Visible Thinking Routines for Revision

    • Short questions x 20  (2-3 mark) + fun Kahoot quizzes on terminology

    • 5 mark questions (x10) with writing tips and sample answer 

    • 10 marks questions (x4) with writing tips and sample answer

    • A Mock Exam + Mark Scheme with Section A on this play

    • Student workbook for all questions in this pack. 

    • Context slides for general intro to Yukio Mishima and Noh Theatre

    This pack is slightly more expensive than other exam packs due to the work that went into preparing it as an additional text considering the small number of customers. 

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