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    This is the first of three bundles for teaching the IGCSE Drama Pre-release extract for The Big Time by David Williamson (Zone 5&6 / Paper 13 / Extract 1/ Section A).

    Each bundle is a set of beautifully designed slides starting with discussion questions, followed by practical activities to bring the play to life,  and then design tasks and written tasks. This comprehensive approach will help you help your students to approach the play from all angles: as a director, designer, and performer (from a practical and written perspective). We introduce the short questions in this pack and demonstrate how to answer them. There is a student workbook, which can be printed or kept digitally, with questions, space for answers and marking rubrics all built in. There is a template for a student design portfolio so they can keep all their design ideas together in one slide deck. This year we have added a simplified design version of each slide deck to be more inclusive of those who might find our slide designs too overwhelming or inaccessible. All our packs are editable so you can adapt for your students and context.


    This bundle includes:

    • Pre-reading activities and advice for setting up your scripts for success

    • Context slides for understanding the world of the play & summary of the rest of the play

    • Three teaching units for teaching the first half of the extract

    • Simplified design versions of the slides for accessibility

    • Student booklet - can be printed or used digitally

    • Student design portfolio template



    • The next bundle (available on/before 1 October) will be the remaining four units for this extract. 
    • The final bundle (available on/before 15 October) will include exam prep, revision tasks, and mock exams with mark schemes.
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