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    A beautifully designed bundle of editable slides for teaching The Watsons by Laura Wade, aimed specifically at IGCSE Drama 2021.

    This is one of the pre-release texts from the 2021 Exam, so is now out-of-date, hence the price slash. Teachers may want to buy it to use as a practice so it's available at (almost) half price now. 

    The bundle includes:

    • 9 units of learning - slide decks for practical exploration of the play with follow up writing exercises.
    • Class Practical Revision Activities, Slides on Themes, Character and Context. 
    • 2 Mock Exams (2021 format - old)
    • 2 Marking Rubrics (2021 format - old)
    • Completed Units Sheet

    We've done the work, leaving you free to teach.



    • File Format

      Files have been uploaded in pptx format but have been created in Google  Slides, so work best if uploaded into Google Drive. 

      Files are editable. 

      There may be minor formatting issues if using in Microsoft Powerpoint that can be easily fixed by the teacher. 


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